Computer Repair and Share Club

of Manchester Community College

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Hours of operation:
12:00PM-6:00PM M-TR
We are open!


Repair - Desktops & Laptops:

We can repair both desktops and laptops. If the computer is overheating, not turning on, running into errors and shutting down or simply walking around shooting lasers all around the city, we will try our best to fix the problem.

Computer Speed Optimization:

Computer running slow? Does it take a long time just to turn on? Our technicians are trained to know the common issues that cause a slow computer and are able to fix these to give increase speed and performance to the machine.

Hard Drive Back Ups:

Need to have your data backed up? The CRS Club has several methods to back up your files. Please note that you will need to provide a flash drive or a portable hard drive.

Data Recovery:

Think you might have lost your files and all your pictures? We may be able to help you recover them!

PC Cleaning:

Sometimes, the reason your computer may be running slow is because it is full of dust. We can open up the computer and do a thorough dust cleaning.